Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pete Doherty arrested. Again.

Pete Doherty is writing a comparative guide to the arrest techniques of European policemen. That's the only possible explanation for his enthusiastic ability to get his collar felt everywhere he goes.

Latest arrest is in Berlin, apparently related to the throwing of a bottle. Of some sort.

He's the Shelley of our age, you know.


Olive said...

He's the Shelley of our age, you know

Are you talking about the romantic poet or the character played by Hywel Bennett?

simon h b said...

Now you come to mention it, Hywel Bennett's character was revived by Thames for a late-period series where the original world weary charm had been replaced with a bitter misanthropy and a sense of having worn out a welcome.

Olive said...

Stretching the point slightly, he was also in a 2001 episode of Last of the Summer Wine, looking bloated, dishevelled and living in a caravan.

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