Sunday, December 20, 2009

Zapsmart: Music on TV and Radio today

Today's slice of musical highlights from TV and Radio

3.00 Radio 2 - Sounds of The 70s
Johnnie Walker hosts Noddy Holder. Are you counting the number of appearances Noddy makes over Christmas week?

5.30 6Music - Stuart Maconie's Freakzone
Can we have that first half-hour back now, please, 6Music? This week's is a children's music special, although sadly without David Ryder onboard.

6.55 ITV2 - About A Boy
They dumped the Kurt Cobain bit from the book, presumably to stop the film looking dated. Although really, if you wanted to prevent that, you might not have got Badly Drawn Boy in to do the soundtrack. Don't you wish Four Poofs And A Piano had done Santa's Magic Sleigh when Hugh Grant was on Rossy last week?

7.00 Sky Arts 1 - The Music Instinct
Trot through the science of music, packing quite a bit in to its two hours, waving at string theory, innate appreciation of music and Bobby McFerrin.

8.00 Sky One - Got To Dance
Or Look, Davina, I'm Sure We Can Cook Up Something For You. How About A Dance Programme? They're Quite Hot. Or Were, Anyway.

8.00 Sky Movies Modern Greats - The Breakfast Club
Says everything that Absolute Radio 80s tries to.

8.20 Dave - QI
Featuring Richard E Grant, who we've always quite liked since he posted a defence of his Argos ads in our comments section

9.00 Sky One - George Michael Live In London
It's recorded, so you don't need to worry if he'll be driving home at 10.

9.10 BBC4 - Cardigans At Christmas
Or How We Used To Live. A welcome repeat for the amiable amble through the Doonican and Como Christmases of the past

10.00 Blighty - When Louis Met Max Clifford
If Simon Cowell is such a smart cookie, why does he need to employ Max Clifford to handle his public image for him? Louis Theroux doesn't ask.

10.00 BBC4 - The Andy Williams Christmas Show
10.30 BBC4 - Your Date With Val
You know you want to. It's alright. They're made to enjoy.

11.20 BBC4 - Queens Of British Pop
Rerun of the quite-good (until it reaches recent years and has to pretend Kylie counts in a bid to offset the dreadful choices made) history of British women in pop, which almost makes up for the hoary old tradition of treating having a vagina as if it's a genre in its own right.

2.10am BBC4 - The Sandie Shaw Supplement
Nowadays, we get JLS In Their Own Words. Try telling me we're living through a golden age.

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Olive said...

They just showed that David Bowie/Bing Crosby duet on BBC4. I keep forgetting that actually happened.

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