Thursday, December 31, 2009

Zapsmart: Music on TV and Radio today

9.00am BBC2 - Great Railway Journeys
Alexi Sayle on the Hejaz Line. Really just an excuse for this, though:

10.55am Channel 4 - The World's Greatest Pop Star
Beyonce, apparently, although I'm given to understand there's serious demands to re-run the election.

1.00 Classic FM - Dial A Carol
Handy if you've been on hold for a week and still haven't given up, I suppose.

3.05 BBC2 - Ready Steady Cook
Kenny Ball and Chris Barber in an all-jazz cook-off. The year is nearly over.

4.00 6Music - Lamacq's Top 40 of 2009
The closest we're getting to a Festive Fifty, anyway

6.30 BBC1 - Top Of The Pops
I'm not entirely clear how this is different from the Christmas Day one. Perhaps Fearne will wear a different pair of shoes.

8.00 ITV2 - Fearne And Alesha Dixon
Challenging documentary as Fearne chooses between "fabulous" and "brilliant" and "amazing" to describe Alesha's life

8.00 Sky One - All Star Don't Forget The Lyrics
Two - count 'em - slices of the programme which makes the last round of Buzzcocks look like Gascoigne-era University Challenge

8.00 Bio - Bryan Ferry
Oddly, the Biography channel has chosen to spend the day playing concert films instead. Much of the day is Buble-stuff, but it picks up a little towards the end of New Year's Eve

8.50 Standing In A Street In Eastbourne Looking Through A Cardboard Box - Toploader pretend they're on television

9.00 ITV3 - Celebrating The Carpenters
Richard Carpenter forced at gunpoint to pretend insipid readings by lesser, current acts are in some way a tribute to the work of his late sister

9.00 Bio - Amy Winehouse Live
From when she did the sort of thing that she was originally famous for

10.00 Bio - Franz Ferdinand
Surprising choice for Bio's day o'gigs; perhaps they've lost their Bloc Party tape
10.00 ITV3 - An Audience With Lionel Richie
Close-ups of Ronnie Corbett and the Anglia weathergirl as Richie builds to Dancing On The Ceiling

11.05 ITV3 - An Audience With Cliff Richard
While 2009 turns into 2010? Seriously?

9.20 BBC4 - Guitar Heroes At The BBC
From Bowie to Horselips.

10.50 Five - The Cheryl Cole Factor
"How quickly can we gloss over the assault, do you reckon?"

11.00 BBC2 - Jool's Annual Hootenanny
As inevitable as a new year's day hangover, the big question remains: when did this change from feeling like a bit of festive fun into something more akin to an office party thrown by WOMAD and a bunch of Butlins redcoats? Dave Edmunds is on, but... oh, lord: Boy George, Lily Allen, Dizzee Rascal, Kasabian and Paolo Nutini.

Midnight Radio 3 - Late Junction
Where the sort of people that Jools hopes watches his programme will be for New Year.

1.20am BBC2 - Best Of Glastonbury 2009
This programme has been removed due to a copyright claim by The British Broadcasting Corporation.


thommo said...

there's a festive fifty on dandelion radio though!

dk said...

Thanks for saving me the despair of watching the start of my recording of Jools Holland to see if there's anyone worth watching. Happy New Year to you, Simon!

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