Friday, January 08, 2010

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While poking about in the Creation movie story, I came across this recent Piotr Fijalkowski, leader of Adorable and Polak and currently working with Terry Bickers, late of House Of Love and Levitation. Retrophobic asks how he feels about the stuff he wrote back when he was young:

I feel I've got stronger as a lyricist as the years have gone on, so occassionally some of the ealry lyrics make me wince, plus the songs were written mch more from a young man's perspective, which isn't quite how I see the world now, but overall they're ok. I see where I was coming from - it's just not how I see things these days. The songs were written very much from the point of view of a young man just setting out on life, full of confidence and hope... I'm a lot older now!

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