Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Raging bull

Whoever would have known that Martin Scorsese loves Leona Lewis, apparently:

A source said: "Leona couldn't believe it when Martin sought her out at the awards.

"He was charm personified and told her he listens to Bleeding Love every single day when he goes out jogging.

"He said he thinks it's an utterly terrific track and really gets his blood pumping."

Really? Jogging to Bleedin' Love? He can't go very fast, can he?

I'm not sure this story is quite as flattering as whoever gave it to The Sun might think, anyway - isn't on a par with someone going up to Scorsese and saying "I really love Mean Streets. You should think about making some more films."

Anna Friel went out wearing a punk shirt (or, rather, a shirt with 'punk' on it) last night, prompting this headline:

Annar Fail.