Monday, January 25, 2010

Killers axe dates

Nothing makes you wonder what the hell is going on like a tart cancellation announcement that offers only "unforeseen circumstances" for that dropping of dates. Unless you're a psychic going for a punchline, using the phrase is effectively saying "you might as well develop your own groundless speculation for this".

Unforeseen circumstances, though, is the reason The Killers are offering for pulling their entire Asian tour:

"The Killers have been forced to cancel their appearances in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo and Seoul due to unforeseen circumstances."

"The band deeply apologizes to their fans and hope to reschedule their shows in these cities soon. At this time the band's Australian appearances remain scheduled as planned."

Our guess: Brandon Flowers has got his toe stuck in a bath-tap, and the rest of the band are currently trying to use gravy browning so that female help can be dispatched without the risk of an accidental glimpse of his penis. Hey, it happened to Pa Glum that time.

[Thanks to Michael M for the link]

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Anonymous said...

You are an ass! The announcement was updated and it's a serious illness of a close family member that caused the cancellation. Most of the crew and some band members were already in Asia when the cancellation happened. Jeeez! Get your facts straight!

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