Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wayne Coyne takes a bath

An email from Ginsoakedboy promises "possibly the greatest music story of the year".

And he could well be right: Google Street View has managed to catch Wayne Coyne taking a bath. In the street:

The image of Coyne [...] shows the singer sat in the bath next to a banner saying "blob in the bath"

It's actually possible, knowing Coyne, that this isn't an attention-grabbing stunt arranged with prior knowledge of the routes and timings of the Street View car.

Indeed, it might even be likely:
Fans on The Flaming Lips' official forum verified that it was Coyne in the photo, citing the fact that he had previously posted video footage of the same bath on the band's MySpace page,, along with several pictures of it.

According to notes on the MySpace page, the bath was set up by Coyne and his wife Michelle for a Halloween party in 2007.

Still, it would be nicer to think he heard the sound of Google coming and rushed out to take an extra dip. Much more appealing than the people of Broughton gathering to rail at the car. Indeed, if you really wanted to stop Google photographing the world, warning them there's a risk that wherever they go they might catch a naked Coyne abluting might do the job better than forming a human chain.