Monday, March 22, 2010

6Music cuts Freakzone again

If you were trying to annoy the campaigners keen to keep 6Music on the air, you could do worse than chopping another half-hour off the Freakzone and giving it to, erm, Huey Morgan.

Huey - who also presents pet programmes for Channel Five - is being rewarded for... uh, um... something. He's being described as "award-winning", after coming third in a category at the Sonys earlier this year.

It's part of a not entirely disastrous reworking of Sundays - Cerys is back, Jarvis is still there, and there's a potentially self-indulgent two-hour Adam Buxton themed music chat show.

The new Sundays:

7.00-10.00am: George Lamb
10.00-12.00pm: Cerys Matthews
12.00pm -2.00pm: Adam Buxton's Big Mix Tape
2.00-4.00pm: Huey Morgan
4.00-6.00pm: Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
6.00-8.00pm: Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
8.00-10.00pm: 6 Mix
10.00pm-12.00midnight: Guy Garvey's Finest Hour
12.00midnight-1.00am: Don Letts' Culture Clash Radio

Dave Pearce has been shoved off to Saturday nights.


Jack said...

There's something described as the "Freakier Zone" on Friday nights for an hour at midnight, though since two hours won't be long enough to get up a rhythm to be able to play an 18 minute psychadelic jam there won't be a hope in the hour long bitty.

Jim W said...

Slashy slashy. Get those reach numbers down before the RAJARS pick up the increase in listeners brought in by the boundless publicity of threatening to close the station.

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