Sunday, March 21, 2010

The book of the club

Rock music and comic strips - not always comfortable together, no matter how hard Look-In tried to turn Nick Heyward and Haircut One Hundred into comic heroes.

So the idea of a comic book series based on CBGBS doesn't immediately lead you to think of clearing some space on the shelf.

However, Every Day Is Like Wednesday has details which suggest this might be worth investigating:

The image above is the cover of the first issue, by Jaime Hernandez (obviously), and the creative roster includes comics people Kieron Gillen, Rob G., Chuck BB, Kelly Sue DeConnick and newcomers to the field like Ana Matronic (of the band Scissor Sisters), Sam Humphries of MySpace and Kim Krizan (screenwriter of Before Sunset and Before Sunrise).

And here's a preview page which should swing you firmly behind the project.


Anonymous said...

Just out of interest, on the subject of comics and music, have you ever read Phonogram? It was a six part series from a couple of years back which is probably the only comic there will ever be that both spent time extolling the virtues of Kenickie and had Luke Haines as one of the main characters for two issues. It was written by Kieron Gillen who I see mentioned above. The first issue can be read here.

simon h b said...

I'd totally forgotten this - I saw some stuff when it came out, but never got hold of a copy...

Rosemary said...

Actually phonogram are currently in the middle of it's second series - the singles club, I believe.

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