Monday, March 29, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Don't look back into the sun

There are many things you could say about the ill-advised Libertines reunion. Possibly only Gordon would go with this:

Smells like 'tines spirit

Because, effectively, The Libertines and Nirvana are the same thing.

Not that Gordon isn't over-excited:
If they'd managed to keep going, they were on course to become the biggest rock band in the country.

Really? You can't picture them playing the game quite like Kasabian, flogging football shirts and turning up to feed the tabloids. And if you try to picture it, all you can see is the band splitting apart.

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Anonymous said...

It pretty much sums up everything that's wrong with poor old Gordon, doesn't it? It's more important to become the "biggest rock band in the country" than to be releasing good music. Nevermind the fact (well, ok, not fact but my opinion) that the band released some good stuff early on and showed promise only to see their lives descend into the sort of nonsense that tabloids love by the second album. Sadly, the truth is that "if they'd managed to keep going", they'd probably have just given Gordon more to write about.

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