Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Radio 2 cuts Radcliffe & Maconie by a quarter

With 6Music being led towards the hospice, the BBC keeps telling listeners not to worry, because they'll be well-served by other pop music programming elsewhere on the BBC.

And, to be fair, while losing Marc Riley's four nights a week of new music, old music and sessions - well, Radio 2 does have a slightly more mainstream version of the same thing in Radcliffe And Maconie, doesn't it?

Oh, hang on, maybe not:

Radcliffe and Maconie's award-winning weeknight show, which has been running on Radio 2 since 2007, will be cut from four to three nights a week.

Their Thursday night outing will be replaced with a new live music strand, In Concert, which previously aired on Radio 1.

Oh, bloody hell. Still, I expect Radcliffe & Maconie listeners are tip-top for the commercial network demographic - right, Caroline Thomson?


Matt said...

No mention of 6 Music dropping the Rock Show then? Seems to me that this is the start of 6 being dismantled before the in-no-way-already decided BBC Trust consultation thing has even closed for comments, let alone actually reported.

simon h b said...

I do wonder if axing the Rock Show - a programme which sits outside the 6Music mainstream - is an easy way of shrinking the reach of the station, so that the figures start to support the actions.

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