Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Actually, scrap saving 6Music. Close the bastard down.

The suspicion that the BBC are trying to make 6Music as unpleasant as possible in a bid to quell calls for the closure decision to be reversed does linger somewhat.

More than somewhat:

Digital radio station BBC 6 Music is set to let some celebrity music fans loose on the airwaves in a series of takeovers celebrating the music fan in everyone.

Top Gear's James May, The Wright Stuff presenter and former Mirror columnist Matthew Wright, The Sun's Bizarre editor Gordon Smart and Channel 4's Ruth Watson are all taking to the decks to showcase the passion and knowledge they have for the music they love.

Smart is doing Roundtable - shouldn't he be taking care of Radio Sun With Jon Gaunt. That's dodgy.

But it gets a little worse:
Finally, television presenter Matthew Wright unleashes his freakier side on the nation as he takes over presenting duties from Stuart Maconie to step into the Freak Zone on Sunday 25 April (6-8pm).

He's excited at the prospect, which may go some way to making up for the distinct lack of enthusiasm from the rest of us.
"I can't wait! Doing the Freak Zone will give me the chance to show there's more to Matthew Wright than the camp, gurning fool you can see on The Wright Stuff!"

But I don't listen to the Freak Zone in order to discover another side to a person whose television programme only has 'not being Jeremy Kyle' going for it. How would he feel if we turned up to pee in his fridge so that he could see there's another side to music fans?

[Thanks for the alert to @spazhammer]

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