Saturday, April 24, 2010

BBC Asian Network is worth saving, too

While 6Music is mostly trying a traditional, balanced BBC style approach to its own demise - the odd wink and nod not withstanding, presenters are mostly trying to be impartial when mentioning the review - the Asian Network isn't going so quietly. Some presenters are using their shows to campaign, and this track has even picked up a few plays:

It's actually a pretty stout defence of the network - if the artists who make British Asian music don't believe they'd thrive without the Asian Network, surely that makes it a compelling cultural good? (Especially since they seem to have shunted Desi off 1Xtra entirely.)

There seems to be a structural problem with the station - it does lots of interesting things, but talking to totally different audiences in small packets - but simply shutting the thing down is a bit of a cowardly way out, like breaking something and hiding it behind the sofa before your mum finds out.