Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gordon in the morning: My dinner with Paolo

Gordon Smart enjoyed a supper with Paolo Nutini and - aside from something about Nutini missing a doctor's appointment, what do you suppose the main interest was?

We were sat at a table next to RONNIE WOOD and his Brazilian girl Ana Araujo.

Ronnie must have smoked 20 cigarettes, getting up from his table every five minutes, but he wasn't drinking much. They woolfed down oysters then fish and chips before heading into the night.

Clearly, Nutini is such glittering company Gordon spent the whole night staring at Ronnie's table instead.

Nutini's appointment was at Harley Street to have his voice checked out; he'd managed to miss the first one. It sounds like he's about as bothered about his singing career as most of the world are.