Friday, April 02, 2010

The illustrated Hello: Peter and Paul

Oh. The first one is a bit of a challenge. Peter and Paul.

The general assumption is these are the Saints of the same name - how apt for today.

You could throw in a Mary and then you'd get this:

Saint Peter was the first Pope - and probably the only one who didn't preside over a Catholic Church that was full of financial and sexual irregularities; Saint Paul was a large city in Minnesota, birthplace of Charles Schultz - who crops up later on in the song via one of his more famous creations. And, across the river in the twin city, there's this chap:

And, erm, they're all saints, aren't they?

Hmm. Two names in and I'm already stretching it a little.

[Part of The illustrated Hello]


markie said...

I always assumed it was a reference to the two little dickie birds sitting on a wall. One named Peter, one named Paul. Fly away Peter, fly away Paul. Come back Peter, come back Paul.

simon h b said...

My mum used to sing that to me in the mornings sometimes.

But isn't that song a reference to the saints in itself?

*rummages in Wikipedia* - it says here that the birds were originally called Jack and Gill, and got a jesustastic makeover in the 19th Century.

This feature is now edging into 'educational' and will be rebuilt in Moodle.

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