Saturday, April 24, 2010

Madonna's unruly bush crew upset neighbours

Madonna has been trying to protect her privacy by surrounding one of her many houses with bushes. That, in itself, seems odd - it's like the sun deciding it's shy, or the moon electing to pop up a Chinese screen to give it some 'me time'.

Still, the attempt to create an enchanted forest behind which she can be 'private' has got her in the papers - almost as if the very act of having hundreds of trees driven to your house screams "look at me! Look! Look at me being private!"

Her neighbours are not amused, says the Times Of India, which read it in the Daily Express, who heard it from Star magazine:

They are reportedly being loud, strewing and relieving themselves on other people’s property.

Strewing? They're strewing themselves about? I'm not even sure that I can picture what that would be like.

You have to wonder, though, with grounds large enough for 500 trees, why the gardeners couldn't find part of Madonna's own place to piss in. Or to have a strew.

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