Saturday, April 24, 2010

Noel's attacker: Paying again and again

Alice P writes again from Toronto, where the National Post has run a piece which, while not condoning people shoving Noel Gallagher over, suggests a degree of sympathy for the attacker:

Before he attacked Oasis leader Noel Gallagher in 2008, Pickering contractor Daniel Sullivan was a family man who did community theatre and coached kids’ soccer. Since his drunken rampage on a Toronto stage, Sullivan spent months apart from his family, developed mental issues that prompted him to seek counselling, and was today sentenced to one year’s house arrest.

Sullivan did bad - but it sounds like he's had his life wrecked pretty solidly as a result of the sort of beery laddishness that Gallagher celebrates.

And - as Alice reminds us - Noel still has a civil action pending against Sullivan. What the hell for? He's not rich; he's already had his life ruined. What good would suing a bloke who has nothing and extending the cycle of misery. The courts have punished him. He's apologised. What's the point of a vindictive lawsuit?

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Anonymous said...

"the sort of beery laddishness that Gallagher celebrates"

That's the worst bit - Seeing the pair of them build a career out of drunken behavior and casual threats of violence (see Liam's dismal empty threats to Peter Kay, the embarrassing offers to fight the Rolling Stones etc), only to get all upset when some of it gets directed back at them, is pathetic.

There's an old saying about dishing it out and taking it, wish I could remember it in full...

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