Sunday, May 23, 2010

This week just gone

Blogs who have generously sent the most traffic here this year:

1. Enemies Of Reason
2. What's He On About Now?
3. Blah Blah Blah Science
4. The Sun Lies
5. Stereo Sanctity
6. Tabloid Watch
7. Abeano
8. Magiska
9. 1001 Fun Things to Do in Aberystwyth
10. British Blogs

This week's interesting releases:

Tracy Thorn - Love, And Its Opposite

Download Love, And Its Opposite

Band Of Horses - Infinite Arms

Download Infinite Arms

The Black Keys - Brothers

Download Brothers

80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Blood & Fire

Download Blood & Fire

LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening

Download This Is Happening

Kelis - Flesh Tone

Download Flesh Tones

A request for a good deed: Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for CHSL's proposal in the Pepsi-cash-for-charity thing. It only takes a minute to click, and helping kids learn to read has to be a good thing, yes? Another vote would be a generous use of your time. Thank you.

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Ben said...

Well I sure am delighted to see myself at number # 5 on the list!

Slightly less so though upon remembering that I actually click the link to XRRF on my blog myself almost every morning, due to not wanting to put any non-work bookmarks on my work computer. Oh well...

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