Saturday, June 12, 2010

NME Radio scales back

IPC Media has decided to more-or-less pull the plug entirely on NME Radio, dumping all but a web presence and dropping the digital radio and TV transmissions.

Oh, and DX Media, who have run the network since it started, have been shown the door.

The plans for taking NME Radio web-only, by the way, don't really sound like NME Radio is going to be NME Radio any more:

NME publishing director Paul Cheal says: "We have enjoyed a great working relationship with DX Media and we would like to thank them for all the excellent work that has gone into NME Radio.

"Meanwhile, we will continue to develop ways in which NME's audience can engage with both audio and content utilising our in-house studio facilities whilst maintaining an online music service via our award-winning music website"

That 'meanwhile' was, very much, 'there's lots of other music on the site'.

You have to wonder if anyone had even suggested this was a possibility to Krissi Murison a couple of months ago when she suggested NME Radio would be taking up the slack if the BBC killed 6Music:
She supports the survival of BBC 6 Music but points out that NME Radio is its rival. "All the things that people are lamenting about 6 Music are actually happening downstairs here in our basement with NME Radio. NME Radio can fill the gap that people believe is going to be there with the demise of 6 Music."

Well, at least 6Music is still there to fill the gap caused by the demise of NME Radio.

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