Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Universal grab the Olympics

Seb Coe always said the Olympics was more about throwing, jumping and running up the National Debt; there was going to be this wonderful stage to showcase British creativity.

Which makes it somewhat surprising the music side of things has been given to an American company, Universal.

They're already getting a bit above themselves:

Universal Music says it hasn't ruled out Amy Winehouse opening the London Olympics in 2012.

Has anyone explained to them that the Olympics isn't a promotional spot? Or, rather, that it's not meant to look like one.

Should Universal be dictating who plays at the opening ceremony? And surely the lottery-dipping Olympians organising the sports days haven't just painted themselves into a corner where they can only use Universal artists, have they? Because that would be a rotten idea.

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Mbop Promotions said...

This is all a bit weird!! And how can anyone predict an Amy Winehouse performance in 2012, when she doesn't even seem to know what she'll be doing next week!

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