Sunday, July 04, 2010

Jedward: Not even a walking disaster area any more

We were talking earlier this week about people who hung around long after their fifteen minutes was up - people, indeed, for whom Andy Warhol had been over generous in sharing out the fame.

What a time, then, for Jedward to reappear and reveal that they can't actually stand up and perform at the same time.

Jed - or possibly Ward - managed to fall over while doing Ghostbusters and was "rushed" to hospital, says the Mail. It also says he finished the song. Not entirely sure you can be rushed anywhere if you put it off until you've finished your Ray Parker Junior cover.


James said...

And just to confirm, there is no truth in the rumours that the girl from Same Difference was spotted on a nearby grassy knoll.

simon h b said...

Although if you wanted to pass through a crowd unrecognised, being the girl from Same Difference would be the perfect disguise.

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