Thursday, July 01, 2010

Madina Lake bassist badly beaten

Horrible news from Madina Swan. Bassist Matthew Leone has been hospitalised with serious injuries after trying to help a woman being attacked in the street:

A few nights ago, Matthew walked from my apt. a block and a half down the street to meet a friend for a drink. half way there he saw a man severely beating his wife. Being the most amazing, strong, heroic and incredible person I know.. even though the guy was twice his size, Matthew intervened. He managed to subdue this guy for a second and since his wife was beat up pretty good called the cops.. as he did so the guy jumped him from behind and beat him. This guy did things I can’t even type. After words, he and his beaten wife left Matthew unconcious on the street. Matthew is in the hospital with a third of his skull removed as we wait for the swelling in his brain to go down. I’d rather not share any additional information at this time besides the fact that he acted as a hero (as he always would in any of these situations) and is paying a horrific price. Pease send all your love and good energy and vibrations to him.

It's a horrible, horrible story. Wishing Matthew all the best for his recovery.


Mbop Promotions said...

That's awful - all the best Matthew.

Anonymous said...

you mean Madina Lake, of course.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Of course. Median Swan is their blog - which broke the news - but the band is Median Lake. Thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

These are difficult moral situations to find yourself in. But unless you can find a weighty object that is sure to knock someone down, it's best to just go around the corner, call the police, be as informative as you can and move on. Most of the time the person being attacked will run away and leave you in the position they were in. I think it would be pretty rare for that person to then join in and help you out.
Best wishes to Matthew.

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