Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cheryl versus malaria: now it's personal

Cheryl Cole has now decided that she's going to attack malaria like it was a poorly-paid toilet attendant: Or at least a source tells the Sunday Mirror that:

“It is a very brave decision. Cheryl has thought long and hard about it. This is a life-changing, landmark experience for her. She’s seen how malaria ­destroys people’s lives and now has first-hand knowledge of just how serious it is. Cheryl got the best care possible when she got back from Tanzania and she is very grateful for it. But she is aware that millions of Africans are not so lucky.

“After what she has been through, you might have thought Africa was the last place she’d be wanting to go to. But the reverse is true.

“She wants to get out there as soon as the X Factor has been wrapped up.”
Naturally, you'd put popping up to tell Luke from Bromley-By-Bow that his Justin Timberlake cover was brilly-ant but needed work ahead of getting stuck in with sorting out malaria nets for all, but beyond jerry-rigging the Christmas chart race and helping ITV's bottom line there is no higher priority in Cole's life.

I mean, obviously she's not going to sell her six million quid home, move to one half the value and donate the difference to buying nets. That would be stupid. But, you know, she's committed. And just splashing news of her commitment to the front of the Mirror - why, that on its own will strike fear into the heart of malaria.

[UPDATE: Malaria is currently briefing that News Of The World that it feels hurt by Cole's reaction: "I did loads to get her days and days of coverage in the Sun, and this is how she repays me? A cheap attack simply to promote the new series of the X Factor? I'm more than a little hurt, I have to say."]