Monday, August 16, 2010

Depressing news for queer youth

Or, equally possibly, depressing news about queer youth. Stonewall had an online poll to pick GLBT youth's best role model.

Will Young won.

And Joe McEdderly got 10% of the poll.

Between them, that's over two thirds of the vote.

Two men who took a decision to hide their sexuality lest it harm their chances on a game show, and who carried on hiding until forced out by the tabloids.

Even more depressingly, Stonewall are using their results as a reason to cheer, rather than putting their head in their hands and crying:

Stonewall Chief Executive Ben Summerskill said: "Young people involved with Stonewall tell us that role models help them overcome the homophobic bullying that’s rife in Britain’s schools. Pop culture is hugely influential to young people so it’s encouraging to see more openly lesbian, gay and bisexual British pop stars.

"Joe McElderry is already recognised as a role model so the scene is now set for him to become every bit as popular with young gay people as Will Young."
Stonewall, you don't think that their message - hide it as long as you can, because being gay will really hold you back; wait until you've got no choice and then do a deal with the people who are forcing you out - isn't one you should be celebrating?

I'm picturing a thousand provincial bedrooms, with teens looking a photos of Will Young, thinking "if I can hide it for a while longer..."

Stonewall should seriously think about giving up if they think this is a reason to celebrate.


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