Saturday, August 21, 2010

Synthobit: Charles Haddon

Confused and sad news coming from Belguim this morning, with reports of the death of Charles Haddon.

Haddon was lead singer with Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Camden-based, La Roux-supporting, synth-loving popstars. They would claim in interview that they were more influenced by Falco than the Pet Shop Boys, but there was always a sense when the band were talking about themselves that they might not be entirely embracing the truth.

The cirumstances of Haddon's reported death backstage at the Pukkelpop Festival are reported by Side-Line News:

The first rumours said that keyboard player Joel Hutchinson had committed suicide. Hutchinson had jumped into the public during the last song "Dance the way I feel" landing on a girl that had to be taken to hospital. But then it became clear that singer Charles Haddon was the one who had died. The band seemed very distresed after that incident and had asked the boyfriend of the victim to pass on all necessary contact details in order to arrange a financial compensation if needed. It's not sure if this had anything to do with Haddon's act a few moments later.
There has been no official statement on Haddon's death. The band's debut album, Christ Died For Our Synths, is due for release in October this year.

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