Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Andy Parfitt isn't in hock to Chris Moyles

Banging on for ages about not having been paid? No, no, that's not crossing the line, says Andy Parfitt.

But he's not in hock to his celebrity presenter.

And when Moyles does step over the line?

That's not really a problem either:

He added that the number of times the DJ has been censured by the BBC or Ofcom could be "counted on the fingers of one hand, probably on two or three fingers".

"Management – ie me – are not in hock to Chris. Chris and I have a long-term relationship and he is absolutely clear where the red lines are," said Parfitt.
Given that Ofcom or the BBC getting involved at this sort of level is a pretty serious injunction, you might wonder if every presenter who got "two or three" black spots next to their name would still be indulged after a clankingly bad programme like last week's. You'd suspect not - but, hey, Andy Parfitt isn't in hock to Chris Moyles. So probably everyone gets a third or fourth or fifth or sixth chance, right?

I'm not sure why Gareth Evans was canned while Moyles is still crept around by BBC Management. (Evans posted on his own Facebook page about a minor dispute with a council, but had never mentioned it on air.)

But nobody is in hock to Chris Moyles.

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