Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Science with the Professor

Given that apps have been around for ages now, you'd have thought that the Sun would have just launched its Bizarre app and started to build its audience. Instead, for some reason, it's dragging out the launch like it's a new album from U2. I'm surprised we didn't have an announcement of the name day as part of the process.

Today, then, there's an essential awkward photo promoting the thing:

Clearly, because he has Professor in his name, Professor Green is some sort of expert in mobile telephone applications, right?
PROFESSOR GREEN is one of the first famous faces to test-drive the new Bizarre app - and he was impressed with what he saw.
... although, for some reason, Gordon runs a picture of him looking confused. I'm imagining Green is asking 'why are you showing me an iPhone? Can't you show me the app itself?"

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James said...

This appears to be the Sun's new favourite cross-plug, running stories for no apparent reason other than to say "Oh, did we mention we've got an app?". I glanced at an open copy of the paper yesterday and saw in an earth-shattering exclusive that Paul Gascoigne owns an iPad because he is "addicted to the Angry Birds game". The story ends with the revelation that his iPad "also contains other apps, including Tetris - And the Sun app".

They seem to be very good at finding out the contents of celebrities' portable devices at the Sun, don't they?

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