Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Unlikely uses of the word unlikely

While you have to admire Mark Ronson's brave attempt to recast being in a jazz choir as a "Glee-like singing group", did Gordon really think when writing this bit?

Mark is an unlikely fan of the camp telly hit
First, it's not camp. More importantly: it's one of the most popular television programmes of these times. Why would a musician be an "unlikely" fan of something everyone seems to like?


Mbop Promotions said...

You've really got it in for the Gordon-meister haven't you??! To be fair, most of the time it's deserved, but isn't Glee a guilty pleasure people watch but wouldn't admit to??

WE ARE said...

Errr, no; most people do admit to liking Glee hence it being so wildly successful. Or as Simon previously pointed out 'it's one of the most popular television programmes of these times'.

m b blissett said...

Gordon is an awful journalist, and seeing as he gets two pages and manages to fill them with pop culture stories with no more substance than a boiled egg fart, its gloves off as far as I am concerned. He makes Piers Morgan look like Lester Bangs

Anonymous said...

"Man likes popular TV programme". It's beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Isn't it interesting that this article says more about Gordon (or at least the Gordon Smart character that The Sun has created) than it does about anyone else?

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