Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Irving Azoff makes it clear LiveNation aren't putting on a big show

Hey, don't be all crying: it turns out that Barry Diller always planned to step down from LiveNation. So says, erm, still-at-LiveNation executive chairman Irving Azoff:

As usual the press reports are ridiculous. It was always Barry Diller's
intention to step down from LNE COB during first year after TM/LN
merger. I look forward to continue to work with him during his time on
the board. I thank him for the many years of dedication and loyalty to
everyone at TM.
Yes, in pretty much the same way David Miliband was always hoping to be a backbench MP, I'll bet.

Of course, Azoff needs to tell people that this was all a secret plan and not really the outcome of him and Diller falling out. Oh, but Diller has also been playing nicely as he attempts to negotiate his severance package. Sorry, confirmed the official line. Sorry, agreed that this was always the plan:
“I have always said, since the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation, that I only planned to stay as chairman through the transition and integration of the two companies. It’s been almost a year and I informed the board today that while there was no rush, the board should start the process now to appoint a new chairman.”
It was always the plan. All he wanted to do was oversee the union, and then he'd leave happily. He always said he'd do that. Always. And this was exactly how he'd planned to have his departure announced. Always.

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Paddy said...

We were always at war with Eastasia.

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