Monday, September 27, 2010

Nadine Coyle: Too sexy for TV. Apparently.

The suggestion that Nadine Coyle's video was "too sexy for TV" is the absolute god's honest truth, and not merely a desperate ploy to try and get people interested in Nadine Coyle's solo career.

The Irish singer flashes the flesh as she writhes around in a tiny black dress in the promo for Insatiable, but TV viewers won't be able to see the saucy scenes after the footage "failed" a standards test.

Coyle admits producers will now attempt to re-edit the video to make it suitable for TV audiences.

In a post on her page, the singer writes, "Crunch time on the video front, apparently it has failed a test for TV. We have to go back and re-edit or you can't see it!"
Actually, that makes it sound like the video didn't pass the test for photosensitive epilepsy, doesn't it?

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