Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pete Doherty charged with possession again

More misery, and - oh - here's Pete Doherty at the centre of it:

Singer Pete Doherty has been charged with one count of possession of cocaine following an inquiry into the death of a filmmaker.

Robin Whitehead, 27, a member of the Goldsmith family who was working on a documentary on the singer, was found dead in a flat in Hackney in January.

Another man, Peter Wolfe, 42, of Bury St Edmunds, was charged with possessing and supplying cocaine.

A third man, Alan Wass, 29, of west London, was charged with possession.

All three remain on bail and are due to appear at Thames Magistrates' Court on 18 October.
Lucky that Babyshambles reunion happened just in time to help with the lawyers.

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