Monday, September 27, 2010

Pizza Express is delicious

I like a Pizza Express, me. They're doing a buy-one, get-one-for-a-quid offer for the next fortnight, too, and have just launched three new bruschettas in the starters range.

How can they ensure they can cope with the numbers that are liable to swamp their doors, I wonder?

Kasabian drummer Ian Matthews is set to return to his second band for a gig in the Soho branch of Pizza Express' Jazz Club.
"Warning: some dishes have risk of drummer from Kasabian playing jazz". Yes, that'd do it.

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Chris Brown said...

I like the fact they're the only major chain I know of who even think to mark whether their desserts are suitible for vegetarians. All they need now is to do the wine list as well.

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