Saturday, October 09, 2010

Absolute hole

Earlier this week, Absolute Radio - which used to be called Virgin Radio and used to have listeners - announced its latest performance.

£4.3 million in losses for 2009. Oh, and nearly a third of the company's turnover vanished into the year.

But they can explain:

The national radio broadcaster blamed the combined effect of the recession and...
Well, yes: recession, that's fair enough. It's hit everyone. You can't be blamed for the recession.

But there was an "and"?
...and a big decline in its audience
Um... isn't a radio station blaming a big decline in its audience for not doing well a bit redundant? Delivering audiences is your business, Absolute; it's not like people not tuning in is a factor beyond your control.

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Clive said...

Hi Simon, The accounts you refer too were the period ending December 2009.

Q3 Rajar will be published in a few weeks time covering the first 9 months 2010 which will show that The Absolute Radio Network now has MORE audience than The Virgin Radio Network at the time of the new brand launch in OCT 2008.


Clive Dickens
COO - Absolute Radio

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