Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Fear, Fame, whatever

There's no real difference between Fear and Fame, is there? Not while Gordon and his team are around.

In other news, Robbie Williams says that it was all down to hormones:
Robbie: I wasn't fat, it's my hormones
Just to be pedantic, if that's true, it doesn't mean you weren't fat, it just means you were fat for different reasons to overeating or undermoving.
But the right medication, and finding love with US actress AYDA FIELD, helped him rediscover his spark. His return was confirmed last October when he starred on The X Factor, singing comeback single Bodies from his album Reality Killed The Video Star.
It's not impossible that being in love could shunt your hormones in a positive direction, I suppose. No less likely than Gordon trying to recast last year's album as a return to form. The sort of return to form that requires a desperate swallowing of pride to return to the more successful Take That.

Perhaps the disappointing sales of the album were down to hormones, too. Tricky bugger, Johnny Hormone.