Saturday, October 02, 2010

Ne-Yo doesn't care for your vulgar money - or your current trousers

You know what Ne-Yo hates? People who make music just to make money. Gee, those guys are the worst:

"People's reasons for making music have changed. I remember a time when people made music for the sheer joy of it. Nowadays people are just trying to make money and you can hear it. Everything sounds the same: it's shallow, hollow and thin. I take the time."
Yeah! You go, Ne-Yo - you wave your angry little fist at people who simply use their profiles as a way to fill their bank balances. They're so vulgar.

You could start with this guy:

That's a bloke called Ne-Yo who's, erm, using his music to land a plum job pushing Macy's men's trouser range.

But I'm sure you're only endorsing the trousers for the sheer joy of it. Not simply to make money.