Saturday, November 13, 2010

All Yesterday's Parties?

The collapse of Pontins - taken into administration yesterday - might have prompted a lot of think pieces about bluecoats and Butlins and hi-de-hi, but there's a musical angle to the threat hanging over the chalet-and-cafeteria holiday camps.

Over the last few years, Pontins has been plumping up the bottom line by offering a home to indie-rock weekenders: originally All Tomorrows Parties, and now the NME-themed Weekenders.

KPMG are confident they can keep Pontins as a going concern; ATP jumped over to Bultins a couple of years back. So it's not quite the end of the road now. But if the Pontins camps do vanish, it's likely they'll take some of the indie weekends by the sea with them, if only due to the cut in capacity.


Anonymous said...

pontins hasnt hosted an apt or nme weekender in years. butlins has - they're different.

simon h b said...

NME Weekender was at Camber Sands last week -

All Tomorrows Parties, as it says in my bit " jumped over to Bultins a couple of years back" - but they were there up until 2008.

Having had holidays at Butlins, when it was all still monorails and treasure hunts sponsored by the Daily Express, I'm painfully aware of the difference.

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