Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bono & The Edge try to cheer everyone up

It's been a rough week or two for Ireland, so it's nice of Bono to give everyone a lift by describing the miserable progress of his pointless Spiderman musical from bad idea to rotten stage show:

"Is there jeopardy?" asks Bono, U2's main songwriter and lead singer. "Yes. Because it's technically very difficult. It has never been achieved before — the kind of scale of what we're looking for. There may be very good reasons. We're going to find out. The expense of it? A lot of it was the delays."
Oh, yes, of course. It'd have to be something nobody has ever attempted before, wouldn't it, Bono? Although it's just a bloke on a string. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang needed a flying car.


Olive said...

Maybe they can do a couple of tunes for the new Buffy film.

simon h b said...

From the sounds of the new Buffy film, I'm suspecting Bono will be trying to get the part of Xander.

Olive said...

I saw a couple of episodes over the weekend- haven't seen it for ages- and I thought to myself "you know what this needs? A gritty reboot".

john smith said...

yes its good
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