Monday, November 29, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Feeling Supersonic

Gordon tuned into Absolute Radio and heard Elton John talking about Oasis:

He said: "They were enormous in Britain, they were enormous in America and they went over there and argued between themselves and cancelled the tour and they never broke America.

"You only get it once, and if you blow it, it's gone. You can't not regret that.

"I always thought, 'You stupid sods. You'll never get that opportunity again'."
If they were already enormous in America, then surely they'd already broken the country?

It doesn't seem to occur to Elton that, actually, Americans wouldn't have been interested in Oasis in anything like large enough numbers to have made worthwhile their effort in plodding round the country and that the silly hissy fits were really a cover for thwarted ambition. Oasis are the band who squabbled and never tried, rather than a band who tried and flopped.