Monday, November 22, 2010

Kenny Everett: Digging him up for Christmas

It's great that Radio 2 are going to celebrate Kenny Everett this Christmas, but I'm not sure about the plans for a 'new' programme made up of old programmes carefully cut together - the radio equivalent of that blood-coldening Bing Crosby beatboxing ad, surely?


Anonymous said...

No I don't agree (for once). I think he would have absolutely loved it! This was a man who loved cutting, splicing and editing and laboured over all manner of multi-tracked madness inspiring the likes of Chris Morris. If you'd pitched this idea to him while he was still alive I think he would have been well up for it!. I'm glad he's being celebrated and I'm sure it'll all be done in the best possible taste.

simon h b said...

Good points, anonymous. It still feels like those Harold Lloyd movies being buggered about with to fit TV ("we'll finish his climb some other time") but, yes, I can see it might be in the spirit of his work.

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