Monday, November 22, 2010

Kenny Everett: Digging him up for Christmas

It's great that Radio 2 are going to celebrate Kenny Everett this Christmas, but I'm not sure about the plans for a 'new' programme made up of old programmes carefully cut together - the radio equivalent of that blood-coldening Bing Crosby beatboxing ad, surely?


Anonymous said...

No I don't agree (for once). I think he would have absolutely loved it! This was a man who loved cutting, splicing and editing and laboured over all manner of multi-tracked madness inspiring the likes of Chris Morris. If you'd pitched this idea to him while he was still alive I think he would have been well up for it!. I'm glad he's being celebrated and I'm sure it'll all be done in the best possible taste.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Good points, anonymous. It still feels like those Harold Lloyd movies being buggered about with to fit TV ("we'll finish his climb some other time") but, yes, I can see it might be in the spirit of his work.

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