Monday, November 15, 2010

Please Mention Site

An email arrives from Roger Hill, where he suggests he's been told we might be interested in the relaunch of Radio Merseyside's PMS site.

PMS or LWN or Rockaround has been a feature of Liverpool music life since - jesus - 1977, and it's heartening that both that show and neighbouring On The Wire in Lancashire have managed to survive attempts to force a national brand onto local radio music programming; and it's great to see that the team is still expanding their empire into enhanced online stuff.

Worth checking out for the music even if a Liverpool gig guide won't help you much, certainly.

The press release also winningly suggests that Roger Hill is a "as part of the radio landscape on Merseyside as Tony Snell or Billy Butler." He's going to have to hide from an angry Pete Price demanding to know why he's not a yardstick, you know.

That website again: