Sunday, December 05, 2010

The exquisite old-world charm of Shaun Ryder

Ah, sweet old Shaun Ryder, eh? Accused of having ripped-off musicians during his career, his response is to threaten to have the complainant raped and murdered.

Apparently Shaun was proud that his violent anger isn't sexist and applied to men and women. He truly is the Leslie Philips of revenge rape, isn't he?


Anonymous said...

Shock horror Shaun Ryder and his bandmates got a bit lippy with someone in 2008? Christ he's done and said much worse than this. It was a stupid question and it got a stupid answer and I can't help thinking watching the footage that all parties were rather "refreshed" and there might have been some..ahem..history there. John Robb was bloody useless at calming the situation but isn't that Oliver (son of Tony) Wilson there preventing Shaun from going even further? Chip off the old block!

Anonymous said...

..and the 'horrified industry insider' was so horrified they waited a whole 2 years before passing the footage to the newspaper

James said...

I saw John Robb on a bus once.

Just thought I'd mention. I don't often get the opportunity to wheel out that gem of an anecdote.

morag said...

i was there and it was a horrible bit of bullying. Technically the mondays were my support act as i was speaking in the next bit!

simon h b said...

I suspect Shaun Ryder being on ITV's I'm In The Jungle gameshow might have allowed the 'industry insider' to sell the footage, whereas six months ago he'd have struggled to find anyone interested.

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