Thursday, December 02, 2010

Gordon in the morning: The man in the advert

If Gordon is really horrified by the prospect of The Bloke From The Go Compare Adverts releasing a Christmas single, why is he encouraging the move by giving it publicity?

(Also, why is Gio Compario doing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town? Shouldn't he be doing his trademark song - sure, you'd have to remove the actual advert, but that shouldn't be beyond the creative reach of the people behind the adverts, surely? Alright, but they could ask someone.)

There is a small donation being made to charity for each sale, which feels less like a generous move and more the sort of thing the Krays would do when they'd send a bunch of flowers to their victim's widows. But this is enough for Gordon to find it in his heart to embrace the effort:

So it is now out of order for adults to dislike the most irritating man in the country after WANGER, as I call him.
Ha ha - do you see what he did there? He swapped two letters in Wagner's name to make it sound like a penis. I've not read much of Gordon's coverage of the X Factor, but I imagine he's been doing this for a while, and is still pushing ahead with it, even though ("as I call him") he's aware it's not even caught on amongst his readers, never mind elsewhere. Still, it's nice that he's still following his dream.

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James said...

'WANGER, as I call him'... 'Louise, as I call him'... Gah, it all sounds so desperate. Smash Hits never had to say 'Craig - Or Ken, as we call him'. They just called him Ken and got on with it, and everyone knew who they meant and it was hilarious as a result. Smart sounds like one of those tragic sods who invents their own nickname and encourages others to use it. "Hi, I'm Gordon, you can call me the Gordmeister..." (to which the correct response would of course be "Actually I think I'll stick with Liam Gallagher's witty creation if it's all the same to you, 'Smartarse'")

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