Friday, December 10, 2010

Universal boss stuffs Cameron's pockets

From Private Eye:

NOW the Tories are in power they are receiving generous donations from some intriguing sources. According to the Electoral Commission, these include a whopping £80,000 in July from record label Universal Music, whose boss Lucian Grainge was a teenage fan of the Sex Pistols and Clash.

These days he prefers to hobnob with David Cameron instead. Grainge served on the Tories’ “Creative Industries” taskforce, which looked at weakening the BBC. He is unlikely to have consulted the artistes who bring in much of Universal’s cash – including Amy Winehouse, Elvis Costello, Annie Lennox and Tinchy Stryder – about their big Tory donation.
Why would Universal be raining cash down on government? Surely not part of the plans for the long-expected bid for EMI, is it?

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