Saturday, January 29, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Goodbye The Band

Goodbye The Band, what are you?

Facebook says:

The sound of flowers bursting out of the ground because they fucking felt like it.
Last FM says:
This is a voluptuous waif of a terrific soon-to-be money making venture. It’s erudite, like the New Yorker.
As ever, though, it's best to ask someone who knows GTB in the form of John Acquardo. KCMasterpeas, what are Goodbye The Band?
Julia and I used to live with John in Santa Cruz, CA. Now he lives in New Jersey. He goes by all sorts of amazing names like William Darkblood and Johnny American.

John once produced a video that claimed to be the long lost sequel to J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. Salinger supposedly authored this sequel direct-to-video. John submitted The Picture in the Rye to the Whitney Biennale.

John is a big fan of seminal avant-guarde filmmaker and Kansas City native Stan Brakhage. I think he would be a good housemate with Jonas Mekas, Ryan Trecartin and Thurston Moore. He makes real albums and fake album covers.

It's not going to get very much clearer, to be honest, as there's not much Goodbye The Band video around. Not enough to make a weekend out of. Barely enough to make a post from.

Just this, in fact:

If you're intrigued, that Last FM page offers a bunch of sampling-point mp3s, like Kalen's Trip and The Shape Of The Slope.

No more to follow across the weekend