Friday, January 14, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Of Murs and men

So, Gordon Smart and the Bizarre team have ponied up some support for this year's Brit Awards, which must mean the Sun man will get some top access at the shortlist announcements, right?

Not so much, actually: a quick awkward snap with Tinie Tempah and Jessie J with a grabbed single line from each; but the only real face time Gordo gets is with Olly Murs. What did Murs have to say about the great honour of being shortlistmeat in the never-ending Best Single category?:

"Actually, we had the same share of the vote yesterday that Labour won with at the general election just a few months ago. So, had the Labour vote not moved, we would have brought it home. We didn't. Labour got the protest vote, they got the anti-government vote."
Oh, sorry. That was Simon Hughes being blandly positive about losing a by-election. Olly Murs being blandly positive about preparing to lose a massive phone-in vote said this:
"It's a great achievement for me just over a year after the X Factor - I didn't expect it. Last year I was on The X Factor tour, we watched JLS win Best Single and it was incredible to see. To have my name on the nominations list is amazing."
I'm sure Olly really understands that the shortlist is designed to have a lot of singles on it so that it will generate lots of phone calls and, consequently, lots of cash and so there's no real achievement here. But he's not going to say that, is he?

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