Friday, January 28, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Sometimes Gordon can surprise us

Whoever would have thought that Gordon Smart would find space to cover the story about the Arkansas supermarket covering up the Elton, David and child cover?

A MAGAZINE showing SIR ELTON JOHN with his gay partner and their baby is CENSORED at a supermarket - sparking uproar.
Of course, Gordon had recycled the OK cover story a few days back, but who would have thought that he'd have chosen this as something his readers would like to read between photos of Megan Fox and lots and lots of stuff about X Factor contestants?

He can't quite bring himself to endorse the sentiments of the protests, though:
Gay campaigners were outraged at the "homophobia".
Much as the supermarket couldn't quite stomach the photo without a protective cover, Gordon can't quite talk about homophobia without the protection of a strong pair of industrial quotation marks.

The good news is that the store HQ stepped in and told the outlet to not be so bloody prissy, or words to that effect.

Although the ending isn't quite as happy as Gordon seems to believe:
Yesterday the mag was OPENLY on display at the store in Mountain Springs, Arkansas – on orders from HQ.
Yesterday, Gordon, the Elt and David issue wasn't on sale any more, what with Ok being a weekly, so the store would have been selling an issue with Brad from The Bachelor on it.

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