Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It wasn't like this during the Blitz

It's nice to see ITV celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Blitz club, even if it only found space on London Tonight. Of course, they spent rather longer than necessary talking to Martin Kemp, but did at least find time for And Shirlie out of Wham!

The report is on the ITV news site, but there is one pressing question: how young was the person who made the piece? How far back do they think the 1980s were? The footage of the original Blitz club has been treated with digital scratches and bubbles which gives the impression it was Steve Strange's club that predated the Second World War Blitz, and not vice-versa. It was only 1981. If they were doing something on The Wag, presumably it'd be piano music and silent movie captions.


Anonymous said...

And how old does it make you feel to realise that 1981 was *30 years ago*?


I haven't been this depressed since I realised there are people out there who were conceived to the strains of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and are now old enough to vote.

Robin Carmody said...

They even applied this effect to the 1990 FA Cup Final the last time I saw The Football League Show. Mind you, that's wholly justified.

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