Monday, February 28, 2011

Activistobit: Suze Rotolo

Susan Rotolo, one of Bob Dylan's muses, has died.

Rotolo met Dylan in 1961 and the pair moved in together the following year. It was her background - child of radical parents - which helped shape Dylan's political direction; her depature to live in Europe then opened a second front, as a lonely Dylan wrote Boots Of Spanish Leather.

She left Dylan for good in 1963, believing him untrustworthy, but not before she appeared on the cover of the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

A full life of activism and a forty year marriage to Enzo Bartoccioli, and yet she never quite shook of her "Dylan's muse" label - and here it is again, leading her memorials. Dylan was better off for having met her; it's not clear that she would have chosen the same route if given her time again. For her, Dylan was "the elephant in the room of my life."

Suze Rotolo was 64. She's survived by her husband and her son, Luca.