Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chitlinobit: Marvin Sease

The death has been announced of Marvin Sease, star of the Southern American Chitlin Circuit.

Originally a gospel singer, Sease drifted towards R&B in the late 80s. He originally funded his own solo album - also called Marvin Sease - but when London-Mercury records picked him up, the record got an extra track and a major rerelease. That extra track was this, Candy Licker:

What it lacked in subtlety it made up for in underground popularity and Sease took the name Candy Licker as a nom de stage.

His records never caused much work for the Billboard typesetters, but he found a niche and worked it solidly for two decades, maintaining almost an-album-a-year work rate until his final collection, Who's Got The Power, in 2008.

Marvin Sease died on Tuesday 8th; he was 64.