Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gordon in the morning: The Beatle Ballet

The most interesting thing about Sunday night's BAFTAs was the discovery that Paul McCartney is slowly morphing into Melvyn Bragg. And don't you wish when he did the "joke" about how music makes films better he'd have lobbed in at least a Spies Like Us if not a Give My Regards To Broad Street into the mix?

Gordon bumped into him backstage at the BAFTAs (I suspect this means Gordon was granted a thirty second yell across the floor at McCartney) in which McCartney announced his plan to join in with the latest trend and/or fashion:

He said: "I have been working on a ballet for a while. I'll be making a proper announcement in a few weeks. It's a really exciting project for me."
You can tell how deeply Gordon was embedded at the BAFTA aftershow by the way he, erm, is reduced to relying on Jonathan Ross' twitterstream to bring his readers what happened:
Wossy tweeted: "At Bafta party I told Sir Paul McCartney that since playing Beatles Rock Band as RINGO I had greater respect for him as a drummer... "

This was followed by: "... to which he replied that whenever he played, everyone beat him!"
... which was exactly the same joke that McCartney used at the launch of the game, if memory serves.

Elsewhere, Gordon struggles with Chanelle off Big Brother and her new breasts:
And now she's back in the limelight thanks to a new boob job.

Given that she's only "in the limelight" because Gordon has written about them, it's having your bra off and wearing it to mutter about how awful it all is, surely?
That said, I'm sure plenty of lads will be more than happy to see these new shots of Chanelle.
Gordon manages to bring himself to run the pictures, which he's copied out of Zoo. Classy.

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